Cheap Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Small Kitchen Designs On A Budget

Kitchen remodeling is one of the largest expenses you should have when renovating your home. And while there are numerous people and designers that can show you whatever they need (that may break your bank account), I want to share some simple low budget kitchen designs you can use without breaking the bank.

The Best Ideas For Remodeling a Kitchen on the Budget

I love to paint. It can either bring the force in to a room, or calm the bedroom down and give fresh look into it. With that in mind, you will have to paint the complete kitchen. I will let it rest your responsibility to settle on large, but make use of a semi-gloss paint to color the walls and a hi-gloss to paint the baseboards and trim work. The cost of this is around $50 for the gallon of each paint.

Another simple thing a lot of people don’t think of may be the kitchen light. You can get a modern light for under $50. Just this simple fix, that takes about 30 minutes, will offer your kitchen a sudden face lift.

Once there is an new paint around the walls, and also the new light, you happen to be surely planning to see the cabinets. This is where the costs can dramatically rise and also get out of hand. If you replace all of the cabinets, it will be costly. But, what I have inked before, is paint the cabinets. This project is not as long as you may think. Here is how to get this done part:

Remove all of the cabinet doors and paint the cabinets and the doors with a coat of primer. Then, paint the cabinets and doors which has a hi-gloss paint of your choice of color. Re-assemble the doors, I would also change your its’ handles.

Just those simple steps on your cabinets will offer them an updated appearance and even more importantly, a clean look. The hi-gloss will help with the brightness with the cooking, and also cause them to become easier to clean. The cost of that project is $50 for that paint, and about $2 per door handle. If you paint the cabinets white, then you can definitely save on a gallon of paint, because trim work will be the exact same color and type of paint.

The last item really is the counter-top. Everyone likes granite, but let’s be real. Everyone can not afford you go which has a laminate counter-top, then you are looking at under $1,000. This will also give that immediate impact to your home. But, there is a constant know, the paint for the cabinets and walls just might be enough to have the countertops looking they must.

Those are some of the quick, simple, and cheap actions to get your kitchen updated. No matter how your perception, you still should spend some money. It is just a couple of how much. IF you choose to go along with the less costly route, it always entails sweat equity, that is your time and effort. Be prepared to log a couple of hours (or more) in order to get your kitchen a facelift.